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Four subdivisions of Chinese Trump supporters

Ling Zeng was the “luck one” among all those Trump supporters: Four years ago, Trump held her hands firmly at a rally in Anaheim. Zeng was wearing a T-shirt with “Chinese Americans love Trump” on it. Just like other Trump supporters, she likes his leading styles, his ideas, especially his policies towards immigration and education. Chinese American Trump supporters were proud and enthusiastic. This was the true portrayal of Chinese American Trump fans four years ago.

In 2020, Chinese American Trump fans are showing a more vivid and distinct image, the only difference is that they seem to be much angrier compared to 4 years ago.

Since the Electoral College made it official that Biden has won the presidency, the time has put an end to the series of actions that attempted to overturn the election results. However, Trump’s supporters are still “fighting” on the online platforms alongside their “hero”, refusing to admit the failure.

“Biden is already 78 years old, how long can he possibly serve this country and its people?”; “Sleepy Joe or know-it-all Trump, well, if I only have one choice, I would go for Trump.”; “The Democratic Party cheated to win the election! Let’s wait and see. The truth will be told, and they will pay for their actions. Trump will come back!”

Even with the fact that the recounting results remained unchanged and the Democratic Party’s lawsuit did not get solid evidence in the court, Trump’s supporters still choose to believe his fraud claims.

The know-it-all Trump has been committed to establishing an image of a fighter who dares to tell the truth and combat with the fake news in front of the public. Trump’s fans are very fond of these actions.

Trump supporters can be divided into the following 4 categories:

1. People who were born in China and immigrated to the U.S. They are well-educated and well-paid. These people belong to the middle class in American society. They are not interested in the “political correctness” of the Democratic Party. Instead, their recognitions lie with the policies and opinions of Trump.

2. Ordinary Chinese Americans who belong to the lower class in American society lack the basic listening and reading abilities in English. Hence, their source of information is mainly overseas Chinese media.

3. Some certain groups that live in exile in the U.S. They have put so much effort into supporting Trump this time. Because they really believe that this is the united front for anti-China.

4. Netizens on the Chinese internet. They do not have the right to vote and they are not concerned with the policies of the two political parties However, they are even more enthusiastic than Chinese Americans.

The people in the first group share the same characteristics: they are more conservative and cannot accept the concept of freedom and equality which they consider as “overcorrect”. These people would even appear to be disgusted and frightened when it comes to topics like LGBT and racial equality. . Trump entered their views with subversive words and deeds against the mainstream. Hence, he becomes the apple of their eyes.

As members of the lower classes, the second group is not so different from the local Americans who are at the bottom of the society as well. From their perspective, Trump is a hero and a spokesperson for the god. “Trump” is also the name printed on the stimulus checks issued by the federal government during Covid-19 and the leader who rouses their purest cravings with the simplest slogan.

The third group is hardly mentioned in China due to various reasons. In fact, they are successful in supporting Trump on Twitter. To some extent, through their influences in the media, they have strongly influenced the views of the second group. Or at least, they have succeeded in disseminating a large amount of information that these people cannot distinguish the authenticity. For example, they have posted some shocking conspiracies behind the election and scandals of Biden and Harris. The headlines styles are similar to the ones which are widely used in WeChat groups that consist of middle-aged and elderly people in China.

As for the fourth group who are the ordinary Chinese people, they do not really care about U.S. politics. The only reason that they like Trump is because of this life trajectory and grotesque style. In essence, in the eyes of these people, there are no differences between XiaoZhan, a famous Chinese actor, and Trump. The fourth group is doing nothing more than worshiping their idols.

Which categories of Trump’s supporters are around you? Welcome to discuss with us and share your opinions.

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